Lobbying: …a non suspicious case

Strategic Advice promotes an unusual reflection on lobbying in an event that will take place in Milan, next 14 October. The speakers will be Sergio Tacchini, Giorgio Di Palermo (ATP), and then Andrea Lulli (former chairman of Democratic Party group in the Commission Production at the Chamber of Deputies), Stefano Saglia (former undersecretary at the Ministry of Economic Development and president of the Commission Work at the Chamber of Deputies) and Gabriele Cirieco (Founder and managing director of Strategic Advice).

Lobbying in Italy is still not a fully understood phenomenon. For this reason we have thought of bringing to the attention of the public a non suspicious and above suspicion case of lobbying, with a view to showing how lobbying is a natural extension of the social being, in a complex context as the one of the advanced countries. The event will be divided into two parts: one will be focused on the “non suspicious case”, the other one will focus of the topic of regulation, political current events and Strategic Advice, one of the most interesting players on the national scene.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our event “Lobbying: …a non suspicious case” on October, Monday 14th at 6 pm at the Tennis Club A. Bonacossa of Milan. In order to be admitted it is necessary to register oneself at info@strategicadvice.eu or by phone at +39 06 97998274-5-6.

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